Golden flag Award

Golden flag Award

Gold Flag Award, The guiding flag of world influence.
Golden Flag Awards, found in 2010, solicited annual successful PR cases that lead the innovations and emphasize the unique value of PR in social, political and commercial life, which demonstrate the PR's value of influence that drives social and commercial progress.
Annually, GFA Ceremony is a grand gathering of global communication professionals. From international and domestic brand owners, media, agencies, academics, and professionals were gathered, and propel the PR industry's innovation, fusion, and development, and had become a global platform of sharing, linking, and communication for all PR practitioners around the world.
Golden Flag Award enjoys the participation of many enterprises from the Fortune Global 500 by its professionalism and authority since founded, include: BMW, Audi, Samsung, Starbucks, Amway China, CMB, CITIC, Tencent,, Huawei, Honeywell China, Lenovo, Asus, PingAn group, COFCO, Meng Niu, Yili, Moutai and so forth, covered Automobile, IT, FMCG, Electronics, Energy, eCommerce, Tourism, Food & Beverage, etc.

Social value

Industrial Value
Every preeminent case is a quintessential flag of PR’s influence and propelling evolvement of society.
Provided a platform for global PR practitioners for share, link and communication.
Assemble new trends, ecology of global PR field, propelling innovative industrial development by gathering creative ideas.
Organizational Value
Reflect the professionalism of the organization.
Promotes good reputation for brands and build an image of responsible PR organizations.
Expedite cultivating PR practitioners, awarding cases will be included inthe annual of The Collection of the Most Publically Influential PR Cases, and be used as reference textbooks tomedia students of higher education, and industrial brands may be in university education.
Individual Value
Learn from the excellent cases with comments from specialists and scholars, take the excellent lessons, be visionary and strengthen professionalism.
Share ideas, discuss status of industrial development and the trend of innovative evolution with elites, and embody the professional value of the media practitioners.
Provides referable and standardized experiences to propagation and valuable references.

Media exposure

Micro-blog:Close to tens of millions of exposures    WeChat:Exposure nearly 500 thousand
The network media report covering dauka:
NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, Beiqing net, Guangming Daily,, Chinese,, China,, eastday, JINGWAH, 21CN, South North network, and TOM network, ocean net, international online,, Chinese daily, business news network, Chinese Chinese broadcast network,, international online, Xinmin hundreds.
Coverage of mobile media coverage:
Today's headlines, a little information, client, client, Phoenix NetEase, Tencent, Tencent, Sohu client express client, Sina client, Baidu hundred, Jane books, letters, numbers, UC Tencent big column, Beijing time, know almost columns "dozens of.
1000+ original network report, 5000+ network media reproduced, 20+ video website and television media reports, 100+ copies of print media reports.
Communication cumulative service 30 million + industry practitioners, media total value of 10 million.